Curve Capsules for Women

Curve Capsules for Women – Curvy Fruit with Red Maca – 1000 mg. per dose – from Peru

  • CURVES FROM NATURAL FRUITS! Our Product contains Aguaje, which is known as the Curvy fruit and has a high content of estrogens (natural hormones) vitamins and minerals that supports your beauty. It also contains Red Maca. 
  • AGUAJE + RED MACA, GREAT COMBINATION, Red maca improves your performance, strength and endurance when exercising. It helps to increase your muscle mass and supports the improvement of your body shape. It works to balance the estrogen levels, which can increase the size and shape of breasts and buttocks.
  • WITHOUT ANY SURGERY, LOOK GREAT! We don’t promise magic. Our Curves capsules will model your booty in 2-3 months, naturally! You will see the best results combined with exercise.
  • WHO CAN TAKE IT? From 15 up. DOSAGE: Take 2 capsules with meals, 2-6 capsules daily, as a dietary supplement, for optimal results!. NON GMO, GLUTEN FREE.
  • SAFE! BEST INGREDIENTS, BETTER DIGESTION AND HIGHEST QUALITY, Curves is made from natural fruits/plants. There are no side effects. It is 100% freshly harvested Peruvian Aguaje and Red Maca powder in gelatinized capsules, easy to digest. Our products are formulated and processed in Perú by experts in an approved FDA Facility.

Our Curves capsules are a combination of Aguaje and Red Maca powders, designed to obtain your desired female curves in a 100% natural way.

The Aguaje is a fruit of a palm tree native to the Peruvian Amazon and is commonly known as “The fruit of curves” (Curvyfruit) because of its incredible benefit to women. Its important property is the high level of fito estrogen (a natural hormone), vitamins and minerals that enhance the beauty of the body, hair and nails. Helping to obtain your desired female curves in a 100% natural way. Just like Aguaje, Red maca also contains natural fito estrogen, which help to build the muscles of the female body.

What are Fito Estrogens?They are a group of chemical compounds that can be found in a select group of plants and fruits. Aguaje is the fruit with the highest concentration in the world. Fito estrogens mimic the natural estrogens from the body. Estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for the development of the sexual characteristics of the woman’s body, such as the buttocks, bust and hips.