Huanarpo Macho capsules for Men

Huanarpo Macho capsules for men – Testosterone Booster – 1000 mg. per dose – From Peru

  • MORE NATURAL POWER! – Our formula contains 500 mg of Peruvian Huanarpo Macho powder per capsule (1000 mg per serving). It has been harvested from a natural plant source and used since the ancient times of the Incas in Peru.
  • INCREASES MALE PERFORMANCE – Our Huanarpo helps to increase male performance. It contains vitamins and antioxidants to fight stress and calm your nerves.
  • NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER – Huanarpo gives the stamina and energy you need for a super effective workout and helps to enhance your muscles
  • IT IS NOT MAGIC: Take 3 capsules daily as a dietary supplement for optimal results! It is a natural plant sourced product, so don’t expect magic. Combine with Black Maca for enhanced effect. Consult with your doctor for any restrictions.
  • BEST INGREDIENTS, BETTER DIGESTION AND HIGHEST QUALITY – Our Huanarpo is freshly harvested in Perú, made into powder and packaged into gelatinized capsules for easy digestion. Our products are developed and processed by experts in an approved FDA facility, following strict GMP guidelines. They are non G-mo and gluten free




Considered to be a Natural male supplement!

The “ Huanarpo Macho” is a plant that grows in the Andes and Amazon regions of Peru, and is used as a male supplement that increases a person’s vital energy, vigor and mood!. It is used from the times of the Incas by men.

Huanarpo macho increases vitality and releases stress
Huanarpo macho is Energetic and Invigorating: Used by the Incas of ancient Peru as part of the food for their armies in the long marches. They consumed the boiled plant as well, to increase the energy for the hard work of constructing great fortresses and temples.

It should not be consumed by people with high blood pressure. Even though it is a natural plant, it can cause high blood pressure when overused. It is important to ask your doctor for any restrictions.

Side effects
Because of its power Huanarpo can cause sleepiness in some people.